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Medically Managed Weight Loss

Medically Managed Weight Loss Mountain Home, IdahoThere is no faster way to safely lose weight than with the guidance of a Medical Professional. In fact, average weight loss is about 21 pounds in 4 weeks. Incredible results like this come from you and your Medical Professional working one-on-one to create a plan that’s medically tailored to your body. If you have tried other weight loss programs with little or no success, you know it can be a frustrating and disappointing process.

Only your Medical Professional can offer the latest proven medical weight loss options available to you. These options are safe and medically proven to be the most effective in your initial desire to lose weight and your long-term goal of maintaining these results. All other non-physician weight loss services state in their literature:

“before starting any weight loss program please consult your physician”

The truth about weight loss is that there are many options available to you and in many cases these various plans will allow you to lose weight. However, most people fail in their attempts to lose weight or to lose weight permanently, many people put their health at risk by not fully understanding the repercussions of the diet they selected. What may be a good weight loss alternative to other individuals could be medically contraindicated for what you need from a weight loss plan.

Julie Benzie is formally trained to understand the various weight loss options that are healthy for you based upon your personal goals, medical history, nutritional habits, and your metabolism. By understanding your needs from a medical and personal goal viewpoint your Julie Benzie will create a customized, individualized program that will give you the results you expect without the need for special food supplements, pre-packaged meals, or other gimmicks that other non-physician plans offer.

Overview: Weight Loss Therapies

Medically Managed Weight Loss Mountain Home, IdahoHCG Diet Program: hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is administered by either injection, sublingual drops or nose spray to allow your hypothalamus to function at a higher capacity and access abnormal fat it usually cannot access during dieting. This glycoprotein allows you to burn between 2500-4000 calories per day with an intake of 500 calories per day without hunger, loss of energy, or need for exercise. Patients lose 1-2lbs per day without hunger and hCG allows patients to lose more fat tissue directly causing visible contouring of the body while resetting the hypothalamus which implies long lasting results.

Modified Program: This is a custom designed plan with many options. Based on a number of factors, patients and their physicians will decide on which modified program will fit their needs an d how quickly patients want to reach their goals, and a program will then be designed specifically based on these needs.

We teach you what you need to remain successful in your weight loss. We establish normal weights, Body Fat percentage, Body Water percentage, Muscle Mass and Metabolic Rate workups as well as teaching you nutrition to allow for the change of lifestyle you have just accomplished. Our dedicated staff is with you from beginning to end.

Weightloss FAQ

Why Weight loss Diet Plan fails?
The gorgeous smart dress hanging in the showcase of the shop lures you to buy it for yourself. But you are not in your true shape for that dress. So you start dieting to reduce the extra flab to get that slim figure. At the beginning you lose weight. But after leaving the diet regime you again start gaining weight. This is the most common and frustrating problem of dieting. There is a significant cause for the failure of diet plans. During diet a person eats less and immediately his or her body receives a signal of starvation mode from the brain. The brain through this signal, protects the body from losing weight to guard against starvation and death.

How starvation mode is triggered?
The stored energy from fats, carbohydrates and proteins are used by different organ of our body. Glucose is used by the brain for its proper functioning, which it gets from the blood. Blood absorbs glucose from the food we take. During dieting blood receives less amount of glucose. To overcome the shortage of the glucose supply the brain starts receiving glucose from the liver. This is the backup glucose stored in the liver as Glycogen and the brain finishes this within 3-4 days. After the brain uses the stored Glycogen, the body gets the signal to switch on to starvation mode and subsequently preventing loss of weight.

How dieting and Starvation Mode Mechanism interrelated?
The moment the body goes into starvation mode it receives signal from the brain to reduce the rate of metabolism. As the metabolism goes down the body starts burning calories that is equivalent to our intake. Weight loss is minimal in this phase since both calorie intake and calorie burnt are in same proportion.

To fulfill the body’ required protein the brain signals the body to eat up its own body muscle leading to low energy and weakness. At this juncture people generally give up dieting. During this period the body’s low metabolic rate reduces to burn fewer calories than before. Hence, diet plan fails. Instead of losing weight, people tend to gain weight as low metabolism starts burning lesser calories.
Avoid reaching starvation mode while losing weight. Schedule your complimentary weight loss consultation with Julie Benzie today where a viable weight loss plan can be designed for you.

How Do I Get Started?

Schedule your Weight Loss Consulation appointment  at Ageless Beauty 208-587-6100, 1140 American Legion Blvd. Mountain Home Idaho  or for more information about Weight Loss Consulation click here to contact us.