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Body Treatments

Natural Salt Glow

This invigorating treatment utilizes mineral rich natural salts blended with a rich cream to improve circulation and create a natural glow. A special salt formula is massaged into the body using light friction to open pores and remove impurities. This encourages the body and skin to restore its own vitality and beauty. For the finishing touch, a moisturizing lotion is applied.


Herbal Tea Wrap

This invigorating wrap starts with exfoliation of dead skin cells with a hand luffa and lemon grass; this starts the process to smooth silky skin. Next lemon herbal tea soaked linens are cocooned around your body which heats the body core for 20 minutes; this process releases toxins that may be contributing to stress. The tea is absorbed through your cleaned pores and stays on for the remainder of the day to aid in the process of continued stress reduction.


Seaweed Mud Wrap

A treatment which involves luffa gloves to exfoliate dead skin cells followed by application of a warm sea mud applied to the entire body, you are then wrapped in a soothing warm blanket for 20 minutes, followed by a shower and the final touches and application of our special lemongrass lotion. Relaxation and smooth skin at its best!


European Rose Wrap

This wrap starts with a Luffa exfoliation, followed by a warm mud application with a nutritive skin reviving formula, which provides exceptional softening and smoothing with moisture binding and refining amino acids. This treatment is followed by a 20-minute application and massage of rose oil. Your skin will never feel so soft!